When I sat down to start this project, I wrote out the following list of goals I had for myself and this site.

  • Examine and reinvent myself as a stay at home mom and professional
  • Determine what being a stay at home mom means to me
  • Determine what being a professional means to me
  • Figure out how to balance myself and my family
  • Be a better house wife (I hate that term, but it is part of the deal. I always joke that I am a great mom and a terrible housewife)
  • Come up with a plan to keep the house clean
  • Organize my surrounding so that maintaining it doesn’t take so much out of me
  • Organize my life to maximize my time for myself and my family
  • Maintain my budget and find money to start putting away for college and retirement. I am known in my circle of friends for my budgeting abilities and am excited to finally be in the black. I hope to be able to write up and make available my budgeting tools and techniques.
  • Figure out what it is that I am passionate about
  • Explore new possibilities for my own self fulfillment
  • Learn how to be better to myself, my kids and my husband
  • foster my love of cooking and finally put all of my recipes on record.
  • Establish an exercise routine and lose this extra 30 pounds of baby weight.

This was just my first pass and I am sure they will expand and evolve as I go, but its important to put my expectations out there so I know where I am headed.

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